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Urban Management and Cadastre

Cadastral management must face new challenges depending on the current demands of urban development and planning, population growth, and infrastructure needs.


We provide comprehensive and state-of-the-art measures to develop an updated product available to territorial management, thus providing greater data control and traceability.

It is possible to register real estate properties, obtaining periodic and permanent updates of the cadastral situation of different cities.

  • Tools for data acquisition, processing, management, and control.

  • Through a geographic approach, it aims to integrate data, communication, understanding, and analysis in a city.

  • Automates, facilitates, and provides communication between citizens and the government.

How is it achieved?

The latest technology is used to create cutting-edge solutions for territorial management.

  • Cadastral cartography: a comprehensive solution that includes satellite aerial surveys, orthoimages, digital terrain modeling, extraction of 3D features, and software analysis and development.

  • SmartLIS: It is the Cadastral Management System for the comprehensive administration of data obtained from the cadastre.

  • GeoAI Cadastral Valuations: It is a solution based on GeoAI, combining GIS technology with artificial intelligence around mass valuations for any type of geographical extension.