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Local Government

Location-based technology is key to improving the quality of life.

GIS provides a means to constantly evaluate how the environment, infrastructure, security, health, planning, engineering, and other aspects can be improved.

Solutions for local governments:

  • Administration: Manage the municipality’s services more efficiently, manage a real estate inventory, analyze the value and investment of projects and improvements for the community.

  • Municipal works: Collaborate directly with your neighbors by informing them about road work and traffic management.

  • Territorial planning: Efficiently plan and communicate the use of municipal land, manage compliance with municipal ordinances and permits.

  • Security and emergencies: Know the city’s situation in real-time, incidents affecting the community, and efficiently manage a response to these problems.

  • Health: Respond efficiently to health needs, inform the community of available services, and improve service quality.

  • From districts to smart cities: Solutions allow you to approach all existing information in the community, promoting internal collaboration and communication and opening up spaces for citizen participation.

  • Innovative administration: Municipalities can create and publish web applications to connect with the community.

  • Municipal cadastre: Allows you to manage geographic databases, simplifying information administration.

  • Economic ecological zoning: GIS provides an infrastructure for the analysis, generation, valuation, and validation of an ecological zoning process.