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Logistics and Market

Sharing information to avoid disruptions in processes and meet the expectations of the service.

With this solution, you can optimize times, routes, and operating costs. It will help you to know the location of your customers, identifying patterns that can help you formulate strategies focused on: reducing costs per operation, increasing deliveries per route, increasing asset security, and maximizing customer fulfillment.

Identifying the most intelligent route

The service provides location intelligence to optimize routes, arrive at the indicated time prioritizing user satisfaction.

  • Route optimization based on location of customers, transfer of goods, and other factors.

  • Preventing natural disasters and other events as much as possible.

  • Responding to delays in real-time to meet the agreed-upon time.

  • Reducing costs by generating intelligent routes.


  • Real-time visualization and analysis: Analyze and visualize data in real-time, generating situational awareness.

  • Spatial analysis and data science: Identify patterns in supply chain data.

  • Imagery and remote sensing: Access imagery and remote sensing data to track supply status.