This is a software application suite, whose core is a library of sophisticated algorithms based on mathematical models that represent various transportation and logistics operations .

It is a product that involves significant complexity due to its combinatorial mathematical foundation. It has graphical functionalities, many of which are based on GIS, which make it a simple and intuitive product to use for a user with a logistics or managerial profile.

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Automatically plan your work routes.

  • Visualize and control routes in real time.

  • Edit your routes manually and perform simulations for strategic decisions.

  • Support your field workforce and receive real-time feedback.

  • Provide information about the planned order and schedule for each request.

  • Allow drivers to view the suggested route.

  • Receive real-time confirmation of the assigned task once completed.

  • Receive information about the location of the mobile device.