Mobile devices

Mobile GIS is a concept that applies to the class of users who connect and work with ArcGIS from various lightweight devices. Use your mobile device to initiate workflows with the ready-to-use applications of ArcGIS Apps.

In many situations, users work offline, disconnected from any communication link. They prepare mobile devices with the necessary content, take them into the field, and synchronize the work done when they regain connection. All ArcGIS mobile applications are prepared for offline work.

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You can work with ArcGIS from mobile applications through various client options:

  • iOS, PC, and other tablet devices

  • Smartphone applications for iPhone and Android.

  • Applications on embedded devices, such as vehicle-mounted systems.

Multiple advantages:


  • Eliminates paper or PDF maps.

  • Configuration capacity through web maps.

  • Use of platforms with or without internet connection.

  • ntegration between multiple platforms and servers.