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Field data analysis in a centralized system.

With GIS, you can make better decisions during the season by collecting, maintaining, analyzing, and sharing your agricultural data in the system. Images, data flow, land observations, and field data are integrated into it.


Integrating and developing precision agriculture

  • Creating maps and dashboards that integrate important variables such as production costs, soils, irrigation, yield, and compliance data.

  • Inserting images, maps, field data collections, and real-time sensor information into interactive applications.

  • Implementation on-premises and/or in the cloud with modern architectures and SaaS/DaaS/IaaS infrastructures.

A precision agriculture engagement system

A precision agriculture engagement system

Using maps and spatial data analysis, you can visualize, understand, plan, and act while coordinating complex and detailed agricultural management programs.

Solutions > Agriculture and Livestock


We provide solutions for data collection, map analysis, and remote sensing to maximize the value of forestry assets, reduce costs, and improve forest and logistics management processes.

Consider a broad digital approach for sustainable forestry industry:

  • Field data collection: Powerful and mobile GIS applications are provided to field workers for accurate data capture in real-time.

  • Inventory analysis: Natural resource managers will have better guidance when making informed decisions.

  • Operations monitoring: Real-time Forest operation visualization is made possible with dashboards integrating maps and data.

  • Data accessibility: Information can be sent to decision-makers from anywhere at any time, whether connected or disconnected.

Solutions > Agriculture and Livestock


Collects and analyzes geospatial information for strategic decisions, livestock management and animal welfare. Improves productivity and sustainability.

Integrate high-resolution images, field observations and real-time data sources to understand how to make the most of your resources. Esri technology allows you to collect, maintain and analyze all your agro-data in a centralized system.

Real-time mapping, reporting and analysis can be tailored to multiple operations, including monitoring moving assets across large areas, such as livestock and herds, or localized management of hosted livestock and small herds. Users can access a wide variety of relevant and ready-to-use map data layers, such as images, infrastructure, surveillance, weather and more, at any time and across any device.