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At ICA, we offer a variety of image processing services using a wide range of Remote Sensors. Our services include the acquisition, processing, analysis, and publication of raster data.

We have extensive experience with satellite imagery of different spatial resolutions, from medium-resolution satellites such as MODIS to high-resolution satellites such as Sentinel 2 and different Landsat missions (5, 7, 8, and 9), Spot (5, 6, 7), as well as very high-resolution commercial satellites such as Pleiades, Worldview, and NewSats. Additionally, we process and generate 2D and 3D products from photogrammetric drone flights. We also work with active sensor data, including LIDAR or Synthetic Aperture Radar, such as Sentinel 1.

Moreover, we specialize in generating value-added products from these images, such as land cover classification, object detection using Geographic Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI), generation and publication of three-dimensional models, crop monitoring, and multitemporal change detection.