Optimize is doing something the best it can be done.

More carefully analyzing this statement, "to do" is to make a decision; "Something" is a specific problem; "Best" aims to maximize or minimize a measure of efficiency and finally, the phrase "it can be done" refers to the resources available.

Optimization is the art of achieving, that is, getting the best decisions for certain problems.

Optimization seeks to determine optimal solutions for problems of decision models and optimization models are the base for Decision Making Support Systems (strategic, tactical and operational decisions).

At ICA, we have developed successful mathematical models for various optimization problems.

As an example:

At the time of defining the roadmap of vehicles, load distribution and the order that customers will be visited, it takes more than experience. Decisions, to be successful, must be based on mathematical models for decision problems. Different routes should be analyzed and compared among multiple alternatives.

Strategic decisions involving major investments, such as the incorporation of new vehicles, or changes in the location of plants or warehouses, require solid foundations. ICA offers solutions for modeling and quantifying scenarios, provides an integrated vision of investment, costs and benefits, and facilitates the integration of your business to a constantly changing market.

We specialize in enabling the analysis of alternatives aimed at improving delivery times, reduce the number of kilometers or visit more customers in the same lapse of time.

Our solutions generate different scenarios enabling effective decision making towards your business needs it most.
Companies that do not apply decision support systems in logistics management, lose to save 10% on operating costs, and up to an additional 2% of sales.

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