Geographic Information System

Increasingly positioning or the fact of knowing the coordinates of an element or the users, plays a fundamental role in everyday life. But not only the location in terms of absolute coordinates, also other forms are also used, such as street addresses, landmarks, km on routes, areas, network elements, etc.

Indeed is notorious increasing imposition of the concept and use of geosensors as primary information elements from which many applications can be developed for mass daily use or specialized use. This concept is very broad and abstractly it conceives the association of a cluster of descriptive information to a coordinate point, location or element on the globe. This information is updated automatically from the devices located at any given position. This way we can monitor and warn of events and phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, track a mobile element such as vehicles, objects, persons or animals.

We can say that we are in the initial stage of this whole awakening of the new use of geography at the planetary level, and applications will increase rapidly and substantially in the coming years. We are experiencing a real geographic boom, or we might call it Geographic Big Bang.

ICA is a company 100% oriented to Geoinformatics, to exploit the full Geography at all levels, using Computing as its main tool; covering all areas where geography is a key element. These areas include not only the traditional ones such as agriculture, urban, but those more particular and recently imposing like optimization, traceability, among others. Within all these, we are developing internationally cutting-edge applications.

ICA is a leading provider of technology in the area of ​​geoinformatics, in order to ensure that specialists and unskilled users, massive or not, can establish the link and exploit Geography amicably, ensuring continuous development and evolution.

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