Online Routing

If you do not know from what point in the city a client requests your services or at what time, you can not generate a priori routes for their vehicles. To solve this problem now your count on online routing. You are solving the problem on the fly.

Using this tool you minimize response times and meet higher demands without increasing operating costs.

Some advantages are:

  • Assign the "best" vehicle to the customer requesting the service.
  • Informs the customer in real time, the arrival time of the service requested.
  • Committing to the client with a maximum waiting time, and fulfilling it.
  • Handle different mapping information varying according to times, days, etc., so conform to reality.
  • Manage your vehicles, being able to enter and remove vehicles according to the current reality, automatically or manually.
  • Respond to requests with different priorities, such as emergency calls.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through improved services.

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