Location Assignment

You have your customers geographically dispersed, permanently will arise the questions: where my customers are?, where is my demand?, what is the best way to distribute my product?, etc. You must decide where to place your bid points to meet your demand in an "optimal" way, making good use of resources.

Such tools can improve customer service by increasing your market share.

Examples of functionalities are:

  • The definition of "service areas" based on time and/or geographical aspects.
  • What is the nearest service and how I get there faster?.
  • Where to locate my service offering effectively, taking into account the estimated demand?.
  • Generation of "zones" from time, geographical and demand parameters.
  • What customers assign to my offer points?, for example what customers to serve from a deposit, considering parameters such as the capabilities of my deposits and demand of my clients and their service hours.
  • Modeling various scenarios of demand/offer, and studying their solutions.

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