Automated routing systems

Within an increasingly competitive society, it is necessary to improve operating costs of distribution and / or collection of goods and services, as well as improving customer satisfaction.

The introduction of this new technology minimizes the total costs for freight and contributes to the growth of your business.
The information that Automated Routing System provides, transforms it into a management tool to analyze: the performance of your distribution organization, different types of scenarios, managing distribution centers.
ICA has conducted many tests and systems that are currently in production, and found that improvements by using an automated routing system are on average around 20%.
Some of the features of the problems that we can solve:

  • Distribution / collection and from several deposits.
  • Management of a heterogeneous fleet efficiently.
  • Hours services (deposits, customers, vehicles, etc.).
  • Compartment vehicles (fuel distribution, products can not be mixed, etc.).
  • Limousine routing.
  • Emergency routing.
  • Residue recolection.
  • Distribution on foot.
  • Distribution and collection of correspondence between several more.
  • Specific problem of distribution / collection.

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