Road Safety

ICA has developed the Geographic Portal for Citizens of the UNASEV, which allows to publish interactive maps about indicators of road accidents around the country.

The purpose of these maps indicators are part of the overall objectives of the UNASEV and construction of a national policy on road safety, bringing all public and private social institutions, as to the general public, more information on the subject ; promoting seeking behavior in traffic based on the values of preservation of life and social coexistence, rights and obligations and compliance with traffic laws.

Existing indicators are of two types "sinister" or "people" being able to be these accumulated for different levels of information (departments, police sections, census tracts, roads, national roads, corners, etc.). It is possible to apply different filter types (age, roles, types of disaster, areas, dates, departments, gender of those involved, results, etc.) thereby permitting make representations as to each user.

Access to the portal here.

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