Forestry Services

The advantages of information systems associated with acquisition (GPS, TO, electronic instruments) technologies and data analysis (GIS, Datawarehousing) enable proper decision making in a complex activity such as the forestry area. ICA develops systems that:

  • Improve silvicultural management:
    • Management plans.
    • Inventory.
    • Projected quantities.
    • Fire control.
    • Carbon sequestration.
  • Optimize harvesting and transportation:
    • Design of roads and extraction paths.
    • Organization of extraction and transportation tasks.
    • Determination of requirements of gathering areas.
  • Integrate other areas of the company:
    • Human Resources.
    • Accounting.
    • Finance.

The results obtained from recognition of forest species by interpreting satellite imagery, integrated into a GIS, become a valuable tool for both forestry companies and the national government. The application of this technology on several occasions for the entire national territory, has brought to ICA significant experience in this field.

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