Terrasync Software

Highly productive software for capture and maintenance of GIS field data.

The Trimble® TerraSync ™ software is designed to record and maintain GIS databases quickly and efficiently. It is a powerful system that captures high quality position and characteristics data to maintain and update GIS databases, and integrates all methods of data collection: a handheld GNSS with a laser rangefinder, or with centimeter accuracy equipment.


Main features

  • Effective capture of characteristics, positions and attribute data in the field.
  • Easy data capture with a single click from the QuickPoint mode.
  • Configurable user interface for simple and effective data entry and workflows.
  • Conditional attributes to adapt data registration forms dynamically.
  • Configuration and control of the GNSS receiver leader in the industry.
  • Multiple support for displaying raster and vector background maps.
  • Fast navigation to the characteristics or route points.
  • Mission planning to identify the best moment to record GNSS data.
  • Multimedia support for attributes such as image files and voice.
  • Seamless integration with LaserAce 1000 rangefinder rays.
  • Optimized for TRIMBLE handheld devices with integrated digital cameras.
  • Support for reading and writing esri Shapefiles (absolute compatibility with current GIS Infrastructure of the Electoral Court).
  • Customizable Home Screen.


Data acquisition

Regardless of the field application and the complexity of GIS data to capture, the TerraSync software lets you record high quality data quickly and easily through simple and efficient workflows.

In addition, TRIMBLE TerraSync software lets you easily incorporate photographic shots in the data capture workflow using a TRIMBLE hand collector with an integrated camera or TRIMBLE TrimPix ™ Pro system with any compatible camera. Workers can take pictures and preview them in the field, automatically attach them to the current characteristic and mark each of the pictures with the time, date and location where they were taken.

Simple, effective and productive in the field, Trimble TerraSync software is the clear choice for the collection and maintenance of geographic information system (GIS) data of high quality.

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