MAGIS is a mobile augmented reality application focused on geographical points of interest.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the term used to define a direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are combined with virtual elements for creating a mixed reality in real time. It consists of a set of devices that add virtual information to the existing physical information, ie, add a virtual synthetic part to the real. This is the main difference with virtual reality, since it does not replace the physical reality, but superimposes computer data to the real world.

MAGIS complements the traditional display of geographic features on a map. It includes two synchronized display modes: map and AR itself.

MAGIS uses the free esri or Google Maps APIs to access and display background maps on which points of interest loaded into the application are presented, as well as a library of AR developed entirely by our company, to show all spatial data in AR mode projected onto the camera view of the mobile device.


MAGIS provides to users a set of functionalities that allow:

  • Working online or offline. In the case of working offline, only works with a partial cache for the base map and total in the case of own points of interest. These points are to be displayed in AR mode.
  • Select items using auto focus in AR mode, and allow the user to click on an object in both AR screen mode and map to access its attributes.
  • Two space radios based radar, which acts as a real-time spatial filter in AR mode.
  • Show descriptive information of geographic features as well as images, URLs (actually any information provided by the user).
  • Get GPS location and manual entry of the location of the mobile.
  • Show the distance to objects in AR mode.
  • The size of the symbology in AR mode is according to the distance between the user and the object. The nearest objects are drawn over the farthest ones.
  • Set maximum search distances.
  • Configure server access to points of interest.
  • Register user / password.

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