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fwLogistic is an assistant for optimal decision making in  transport and logistics.

fwLogistic is a software application suite, and its kernel has the implementation of sophisticated algorithms based on mathematical models representing a variety of transport and logistics operations.

Though fwLogistic is a product that contains a significant complexity due to its combinatorial mathematical basis, it counts with graphic capabilities, most of them based on Geographic Information Systems, which makes it a simple and intuitive product to manipulate for a user with logistic or management skills.

Flexibility and adaptability

One of the most important characteristics of fwLogistic system is its flexibility and adaptability to the companies specific needs. The system is designed under a framework architecture, which allows extensibility in every level (new restrictions, new cost evaluators functions, new algorithms, etc.) Though fwLogistic can be seen as a closed product, if there are requirements which are not covered by the system or need to be covered in a different way the system can be easily adapted or extended to provide these functionalities. Our experience indicates that when a new problem is faced, the system already solves between a 70% and 100% of the required functionalities. In conclusion fwLogistic allows an optimal balance between the product and the customized solution. This capacity of adaptation assures the applicability of the system in practice.

For more information, visit www.fwLogistic.com.


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