ArcGIS for Server

GIS technology is being integrated more and more frequently, with other information technologies present in an organization. To include the geographic component in the work processes, translates into increased efficiency of an organization and improved decision-making processes, as a new component to consider is introduced.

As a result of this trend it is that esri focused its efforts on a product such as ArcGIS for Server, a complete platform ready for deployment, publication and consumption of GIS based applications and services. All using the same objects with which ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcObjects) has been developed and no need for any further development.

ArcGIS for Server also provides the right platform to share GIS resources (maps in 2D and 3D analysis tools, etc.) between local users or over the Internet.

There is a wide variety of embedded applications within the architecture and consuming the services (in a SOA mode) provided by ArcGIS for Server. From GIS desktop applications (win32), Web applications, mobile devices or custom-developed applications.

Other products of Esri


ArcGIS for Desktop is a complete solution that fits the needs of any user. Different customers constitute a scalable set of products that enable the user; create, import, edit, query, generate mapping, analyze, and publish geographic information.

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A variety of applications available for improving your field work and make informed business decisions.

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Developer Tools

esri provides a set of programmable components to develop customized applications for mobile devices, web applications or desktop.

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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a geospatial, open and collaborative platform that lets you create your own maps, interact with other users, create collaborative groups and build applications without writing code.

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