ArcGIS for Smartphones and Tablets

ArcGIS applications for smartphones and tablets allow you to navigate maps, collect and store data and perform geographic analysis. They are part of the ArcGIS system and an excellent way of :

  • Discover content by searching ArcGIS Online maps galleries or your own content.
  • Show maps and capture information.
  • Develop your own application or customize an existing application to suit your business needs.
  • Bring your GIS to a wider audience. 


ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile helps organizations deliver GIS capabilities and data from centralized servers to a wide range of mobile devices. You can use ArcGIS for Windows Mobile to distribute mobile GIS intuitive and productive applications to increase accuracy and improve updating GIS data throughout the organization.



ArcPad is a GIS software for data collection and field mapping designed for professionals. It includes advanced GIS and GPS capabilities for capturing, editing and display of information quickly and efficiently.

ArcPad is part of an enterprise GIS solution and it integrates directly with ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server.

Other products of Esri


ArcGIS for Desktop is a complete solution that fits the needs of any user. Different customers constitute a scalable set of products that enable the user; create, import, edit, query, generate mapping, analyze, and publish geographic information.

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ArcGIS for Server is the cornerstone in the level of server of the ArcGIS architecture. With it, and across different customers, GIS functionality can be served to a large number of users across networks.

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Developer Tools

esri provides a set of programmable components to develop customized applications for mobile devices, web applications or desktop.

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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a geospatial, open and collaborative platform that lets you create your own maps, interact with other users, create collaborative groups and build applications without writing code.

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