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ArcGIS Javascript API

ArcGIS API for Javascript (JavaScript API) is a browser-based high-performance development API, and easy to use to create mapping applications. The API allows you to easily include maps in Web pages. Javascript API is also published by esri ArcGIS Online and available for free use, subject to the terms and conditions. Its currently released version is 4.0.

It does not require downloading or installing anything to develop with Javascript. All browsers interpret it. In many cases, JavaScript code can be embedded in the HTML page.

Javascript is accessible to novice programmers. Even if you have not developed with Javascript before, you can learn how to build Javascript applications by cutting and pasting sample code in HTML pages. In many cases, the example may be just what is needed with only minor adjustments.

You can use the ArcGIS API for Javascript to integrate maps and tools from ArcGIS for Server to Web applications. For example you can:

  • Display an interactive map.
  • Run a geoprocess on the server and display the results.
  • Search items by geographical or descriptive criteria of their geographic data and display the results.
  • Search for addresses and display the results.
  • Edit geographic data.

You can use the ArcGIS JavaScript API to access information from several different servers in a single application. One of the most common reasons is to show own information on top of a custom or third party basemap. It is also possible to use a model in a server and display the results on a map from a different server (mashup).

You do not need ArcGIS for Server installed on the developer machine to develop with the ArcGIS API Javascript. Just need an ArcGIS server accessible through some URL. Esri has provided multiple servers that can be used to practice writing JavaScript applications.

The ArcGIS JavaScript API provides the following resources for using in Web applications:

  • Maps: The API supports the presentation of both dynamic and cached (tiled) map services from ArcGIS Server. With ArcGIS Javascript API, you can display maps in any projection.
  • Graphics: You can enhance your web applications by allowing users to draw graphics or providing information popups when the user clicks or hovers on a graphic that is positioned on the map.
  • Tasks: The API includes classes and methods for the GIS tools and tasks:
    • Queries.
    • Address Searches.
    • Attribute-based searches.
    • Elements identification.
    • Geoprocessing.

Javascript API is built with Dojo Javascript Toolkit, which provides access to dijits (Dojo widgets) and other JavaScript tools. You can also integrate other libraries into applications, such as Google Chart API.



Esri provides development packages for desktop clients such as ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit (for platforms .NET, Java, COM, multi-platform C ++).

ArcGIS Engine is a collection of programmable components (ArcObjects) and developer resources that allow custom applications to create new maps or extend functionality into existing applications (even ArcMap itself).


Mobile Devices

The ArcGIS Software Developer Kit for smart mobile devices (tablets and phones) allows you to create applications for displaying maps, geocoding, geoprocessing and customizing other features through ArcGIS Server services provided.

They also provide the ability to embed ArcGIS maps and execute tasks online:

  • Use and display ArcGIS Online and/or ArcGIS Server services.
  • Execute sophisticated geoprocessing tasks and display the results.
  • Create applications that capture and update data.

Esri provides a development kit for each of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world market, such as: iOS, Android and Window Phone.


Runtime iOS SDK

The ArcGIS API for iOS allows you to create applications that leverage the powerful features of mapping, geocoding, geoprocessing, and other custom capabilities provided by ArcGIS for Server using Objective C, and deploy those applications on iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad. The API includes examples, templates and libraries of Objective C that can be used in the integrated development environment (IDE) Xcode.


Android Runtime SDK

ArcGIS API for Android allows you to create applications that use the powerful features of mapping, geocoding, geoprocessing, and other custom features provided by ArcGIS for Server using Java, and deploy to Android devices.

The API includes a plug-in for the integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a comprehensive set of tools, documentation and samples to help developers create applications using the ArcGIS API for Android.


Windows Phone Runtime SDK

ArcGIS for Windows Phone extends the reach of your GIS from the office to the field. It is included an application for Windows Phone devices that can be downloaded for free from the Market Place and lets you explore the maps available at ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Server.

Using the ArcGIS API for Windows Phone, you can develop applications focused on Windows Phone devices that can be deployed in your organization or to the public through the Market.

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ArcGIS Online

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