ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a geospatial, open and collaborative platform that lets you create your own maps, interact with other users, create collaborative groups and build applications without writing code.

ArcGIS Online enriches your websites or blogs with dynamic maps and thus the data is accessible anywhere from any browser or mobile device.

It is a collaborative content management system, based in esri cloud to encapsulate knowledge in maps, applications and other types of geospatial information.

Main features:

  • Ready for use, without having to do any installation and configuration tasks, the geographic platform is ready for use. It is a software platform delivered as a service and contains intuitive tools to create and publish maps and applications tools. Data is safeguarded under high security standards, and keeping the ability to be served as a service and through easy to use applications.


  • Reach your users, it allows with little effort to share maps in blogs, websites and web applications, or on Facebook or Twitter. You can also create dynamic maps from Microsoft Excel and share them in PowerPoint presentations or publish them from the ArcGIS system.


  • Mobile platform, downloading ArcGIS applications for smartphones and tablets provided for free, you can access your maps anytime, anywhere. Simply using the browser on your device, you can also discover content, collect events, transfer data or perform complex geospatial data analysis. All without additional effort.


  • Content ready to use, access to a wide collection of basic maps, demographic maps, pictures and data services. These maps are an excellent basis for your own work and are generated both from content providers of commercial data, such as user communities around the world.


  • Cloud storage and data ownership, it allows to convert your data into web-enabled services, so that your organization can use all of them. Publish your data as featured services in the secure esri cloud, retaining all copyright and ownership regarding them. You can maintain the privacy of your data within your organization or share them publicly for use by the rest of the community.


  • Security, multiple layers of security protect your information from unauthorized access. The platform is controlled and continuously improving the application, systems and processes to meet the continuing challenges within computer security.

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ArcGIS Online for Organizations, unlike the public account, has all the functions described above, it allows to register users in your organization, create groups and invite others to work collaboratively on projects of common interest. Groups can be public or private and group members can share with each other maps, data or other content quickly and efficiently.

In addition you will have access to different types of applications ready to use:

  • ArcGIS Explorer
  • ArcGIS Collector
  • ArcGIS for Mobile
  • ArcGIS for Office (Excel and PowerPoint)

And much more…

With Collector for ArcGIS you can perform any field survey in online or offline mode.

You can also view in a dashboard all the progress of the survey, as well as indicators, graphs and maps.

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ArcGIS for Desktop is a complete solution that fits the needs of any user. Different customers constitute a scalable set of products that enable the user; create, import, edit, query, generate mapping, analyze, and publish geographic information.

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ArcGIS for Server is the cornerstone in the level of server of the ArcGIS architecture. With it, and across different customers, GIS functionality can be served to a large number of users across networks.

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A variety of applications available for improving your field work and make informed business decisions.

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Developer Tools

esri provides a set of programmable components to develop customized applications for mobile devices, web applications or desktop.

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