Technical Team

To provide excellence services and solutions ICA has formed a staff of the highest quality both nationally and internationally. On ICA team there is a varied professional grade, including Architects, Agronomists, Civil Engineers and Computer Engineers, some of them have Masters or PhDs, being each development area leadered by a specialist trained in the best international level studying centers. To the academic background of this group of recognized professionals is added a vast experience in large-scale projects. Essential knowledge when facing a new venture.

In order to enhance the quality of its services and the emergence of innovative ideas, ICA promotes cultural diversity and multidisciplinary collaboration in their work teams.

For the development of solutions, ICA is based on core technologies of leaders such as esri, Microsoft, Trimble, Digitalglobe and AirBus companies, being sales representative of several of them. It is for this reason that ICA has developed a business partnernship strategy with Microsoft and esri, and is currently a member of Microsoft Partner Network and esri's Gold Partner. To strengthen relations with its business partners, it has trained its staff in these technologies. ICA also has other business partners specialized in implementing solutions such as IT EPTISA Fugro EarthData Spain and the United States of America, with which it has worked through mixed teams.