ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows - e-learning mode

In this course, you will explore ArcGIS Pro's capabilities so that you feel comfortable working with this new desktop application. The course emphasizes the most common workflows and best practices for mapping, managing, analyzing, and sharing GIS data and resources. You will acquire the essential skills you need to be productive with ArcGIS Pro.


  • Introduction to ArcGIS Pro. Interface.
  • Geodatabase data creation.
  • Use of ModelBuilder for data conversion.
  • Data visualization.
  • 3d Data visualization.
  • Creating entities from tabular data.
  • Tabular data relation.
  • Creating new entities in ArcGIS Pro
  • Modificación de entidades existentes.
  • Use of ModelBuilder for analysis.
  • Sharing a static map.
  • Sharing a dynamic map.


This course is for people with an average knowledge of GIS and ArcGIS concepts. Students should have taken the ArcGIS I course: Introduction or have the equivalent knowledge.

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