ArcGIS Online for Organizations Workshop

This workshop provides the knowledge to incorporate ArcGIS OnLine (AGOL) within an organization. Additionally, because it is a customized workshop, practices for each of the topics to be covered will focus on data from the Organization itself to prepare content ready to use.

These are the topics covered:

  • AGOL account activation.
  • User Management.
  • Homepage configuration.
  • Assigning users to groups.
  • Content creation:
    • From ArcGIS for Server services.
    • From AGOL layers.
    • From OGC services.
    • From Shapefiles, Excel, CSV files.
    • Notes.
  • Configuration of:
    • Labels.
    • Symbology (for points, lines, polygons, visualization scales).
    • Attributes popup.
    • Multimedia content.
  • Store services and layers.
  • Configure layers with editing capabilities.
  • Content sharing.
  • Content publishing in the Web.
  • Building applications from predefined templates.
  • Building applications using Web AppBuilder.
  • View mobile maps with Explorer for ArcGIS.
  • Editing GIS data from mobile devices using Collector for ArcGIS (online-offline modes).
  • Configure Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS:
    • Map.
    • Layers.
    • Filters.
    • Graphics.
    • Counters.
    • Tools.
    • Actions.
    • Widgets.
  • Creation and configuration of Storymaps.

NOTE: Workshops are made exclusively for staff of the institution, minimum 4 people, maximum 8 people.


ArcGIS Online activation Token or in case of being a user already enabled, administrator user and password of the account.


Those who complete the course will be able to:

  • Manage your organization's ArcGIS Online platform
  • Best practices for your organization's ArcGIS OnLine
  • Create and share content using ArcGIS OnLine
  • Create and configure web, mobile applications and dashboards

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