ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows - e-learning mode

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of ArcGIS Desktop software and teaches you how to use it to view, create, manage and analyze geographic data. In the exercises you will use ArcGIS Desktop tools to perform the most common GIS tasks and workflows.

At the end of the course, you will understand the range of functionality that ArcGIS Desktop has and will be ready to work with the software to create GIS maps, work with geographic data and perform GIS analysis.


  • Research of geographic data
  • Managing map layers
  • Symbolizing qualitative data
  • Symbolizing quantitative data
  • Working with texts of the map
  • Projections and Coordinate Systems
  • Make map layouts
  • Datatable management
  • Elements and attribute editing
  • Geodatabases and Feature Classes creation
  • Solving spatial problems with query and analysis
  • Customizing ArcGIS Desktop


This course is for those with basic experience in GIS technology, but not ArcGIS Desktop products. GIS basic knowledge is required. Students should have taken the ArcGIS I course: Introduction to GIS or have equivalent knowledge.

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